I only had a short while to pull this project together so, after collecting a series of images, sound recordings, GIFs and film, I sat 

down and converted them all to a movie. It was difficult to decide which sections to put into the final piece but I knew that I wanted to use ‘worlds’ in Marrakech. I chose some moving images I took through the window whilst in a slow-moving car; these show glimpses of the world beyond the villa where I was staying.  By looping the live images, I managed to create a vaguely sinister idea of being stuck, as I strongly sensed the people were: stuck within a dubious governmental structure, stuck economically with an impoverished standard of living, and stuck without prospect of good jobs and proper working conditions. The whole system felt jammed and wrong – which was the feeling I wanted this short piece of film to communicate.

Having spent the majority of this week’s project in Marrakech on holiday, it was challenging for me to manage my time. However, being in Marrakech gave opportunity for a completely different perspective, on a location that has a completely different financial and economic situation to Bordeaux. The sheer contrast between luxury and poverty was astonishing and quite frightening when I really opened my eyes to it; and in the short time I was there I still feel like I only developed a superficial insight into the problems buried deep in this country. Having said this, I could help noticing the energy of positivity and happiness amongst some of the people even in the apparently most deprived situations. This might be because they put on a strong face to deal with their problems and / or it could be that all the luxuries available to greater numbers of people in England and France don’t add much to their happiness. Provided their families were well and they were able to access to subsistence levels of clean water and food, they seemed to be perfectly happy to live in a tiny sand hut with no light or amenities. However, one strange thing that I noticed with the number of TV satellite dishes that were placed on top of the sand huts. How on earth was it that they struggled to afford homes and basic provisions to function day to day, yet they had found a way to acquire a tv and set it up in their house? Perhaps the sand huts are more advanced than I thought they would be from the outside. Or maybe their number one priority was really to have a television in their house, this being the only way they can see what is going on within their country and the rest of the world. I am quite pleased with the way this week’s project turned out in terms of being able to experiment and teach myself new media, including film editing methods. I think the result could have been better and perhaps If I had had more time I would have tried to gather more evidence and combine that into the film alongside some special effects. The project certainly helped me to understand another side of Marrakech and I think I managed to answer the brief quite well.