What are the potential future definitions of design practice?
SomeOne – Simon Manchip

Definitions are getting broader, not becoming more niche

A rebranding could mean changing the symbol but it could also mean adding things around that. To achieve a better way to telling a story.

People are really desperate to categorize things, but this is really not the case in reality. They really need an idea and to spread that word and communicate to the audience and how to turn them into fans. This involves design and experiences which makes it very broad.

Stimulating starting points

Sam Winston

Design is a living enquiry into a problem. The potential definitions of what design is going to be.

Attention economy: the most valuable currency is people’s attention. How you take a small window of time to catch people’s attention?

Technology is fast and efficient but also there is too much for people to take in.

When he started there was no Facebook and the best way is being students of the future.

Regular Practice

People are very quick to predict what they think is going to happen. But they think design is going to get increasingly vague.

You don’t need loads of people to run a project now; everything can be streamlined, and one person can do many more tasks.

Clients and people appreciate beautiful pieces of print because there are less well made things. You have to keep up with the times.

Sarah Boris

She has shifted a lot because before a lot of graphic designers were expected to be one thing such as a print designer. Now they are expected to be lots of other things. People graduating these days are multi skilled, more so than the older generation

Intro – Julian House and Adrian Talbot

The idea of design is broad. It is kind of visual culture and if you look back graphic designers were seen as visual artists. Whereas now you are seen less as an artist. They need to have lots of different skill sets depending on what the job is.

What are the sectors that might change or need to change?
SomeOne Simon Manchipp

The things that are changing fast are the channels eg Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram

But this is not that important. What is important is making sure the ideas we are coming up with are connecting with people. The medium isn’t necessarily important, it’s the message or idea.

Sam Winston

When he left college, he realized that the industry was not straightforward; there are small sectors in which you work in. People define themselves in one place and its difficult to jump to another area unless you start from scratch and create a whole new body of work in that new area.

Regular Practice

They are not sure things need to change but they will change particularly in publishing. People have to provide for different sectors and jump across lots of different areas. Everything has to be on demand.

Sarah Boris

Production sectors have to offer more print on demand solutions as well as being environmentally friendly. Everyone is doing a bit of everything now. She gets in evolved in marketing and is more collaborative now. She has to be more versed in doing lots of different things

Intro – Julian House and Adrian Talbot

The music industry is adapting to the market all the time and they respond to the project brief that the clients bring. They are becoming more used to working with tight budgets but also learning not to do too much for a small budget, putting their foot down a little bit and helping them adapt with the budget they have.  Clients don’t know what they want or how to spend their budget. They can advise clients in this area as well. They enjoy working with their clients and get on with most of them well. The world changes so fast around us so sometimes it’s like the blind leading the blind.

Susanna Edwards in conversation with Maziar Raein

How are ideas perceived in new environments? What is the impact of speculative future trends and forecasts of how we will live? How will graphic design change with the need to adopt to new technologies? And which new opportunities will arise through social and political change? How can graphic design help us to prepare for future need and a future world?

Graphic designs can interact with so many different industries such as science but also politically. How can design do good in this world?

One element is surviving in the world as a graphic design.  Tension between autonomous practice, self-initiated work and also more commercial projects in order to make a living. Designers are caring more about the world they live in and they believe that they can make the world a little bit better and if you don’t believe this you shouldn’t be designing.

There is a problem for the younger designers which surrounds the question, how equipped am I to deal with this problem?

There are ways and strategies that you can used to deal with these problems. If people will work together more they will create a stronger project in an interdisciplinary practice.

How can I improve my practice by bringing someone else on board?

A critical thinking approach to design – before you start designing how reflective are you in the world of graphic design?

It is so important to look at the term ‘craft’ as a depth of understanding of detail. It is about the way you work, use colour, computer knowledge etc. not the idea of maintaining tradition.

Having a questioning approach to your projects. If you are just interested in graphic design then it is very limited. You need to diversify. How can you look in a different way at the world around you?

Edges are interesting – the edges of practice, politics, ethics, how we operate in the world, are interesting.

How many questions have you asked about the edges of your practice?

It’s much easier to get to know people through Skype and through travel.

Intuition – an instinctive expression of your sensibility.

What are my sensibilities as a designer?

Curate your own library of ideas. Getting up and walking out of the door and using the world around you more. Collecting sounds of ordinary street sounds.

Creating personal archives.