MA Project GDE750 20/21

MA Project Week 9: Critical Reflections

Ben Timney Interview

After the interview with Ben Timney I felt really confident about my project. He really helped me to focus in on how I could structure my project and what the different stages I should take would look like. I have made some good progress with understanding and learning about the development process of UX/UI design and I have realised how much I enjoy this part of graphic design. As my project grows, so will my ability to develop coherent diagrams and user profiles and this is what I am really excited about.

Process Diagram Development

It looks me quite a while to figure out where to start with my first process development diagram, however, once I got going the flow of the diagram just gradually started to reveal itself. I really enjoyed mapping out the functionalities and it allowed me to ask some really important questions along the way. How will my user interact with this? will it be easy for my user group to interact with this? how will make age range understand this section of the site? I have a lot more development to go on the process diagram side of things but this was a good start.

Next Stages

Next week I would like to start working on my critical report draft. This will take me quite a while so this will probably take up most of my week in terms of research and development. However, I would also like to continue with the development of the process diagram for the administrator side of the site as well as the user side. Back end and Front end.