MA Project GDE750 20/21

MA Project Week 8: Research & Learnings

Objectives for this week

  • This week is the panel review, which is a moment that I have been waiting for. I am excited to present my concept for the first time to a group of industry specialists as I know this will give me valuable feedback and different perspectives on my project. This week I will spend a while going through my search so far and compiling a 3 min presentation and PowerPoint.
  • I would also like to come up with a name and colour scheme this week so that I can actually call this project something.
  • After the presentation, I will finish compiling a bibliography of important resources that I have used so far for the project so that I have all resources in one place as appose to scattered across the blog posts.

Presentation script

After carefully going back through the research I have already done, I have managed to summarise the project into just under 3 mins. I think that I have managed to cover all areas that I would like to within the time limit given.

My name is Alice and I live in Bordeaux, France. Bordeaux appears to residents and visitors as a beautiful, historic and wealthy city. However, concealed behind this facade is a situation of crisis: local public and health services are cracking under the pressure of a growing migrant and refugee population.

I have pinpointed an area of focus in this crisis that I believe could make a huge difference – by both helping with the immediate situation, and, in the longer term, educating the next generation on the importance of diversity and inclusion within their school community.

I believe that every child has the right to education in a safe and positive environment.

The word Réuni means unite and together in French

Réuni, it is a digital design platform and inclusive programme adopted by French schools to aid the integration of migrant and refugee teenagers into education and the community.

The platform is an add on to the schools’ intra-net systems. The newcomer steps into the school on their first day in a foreign environment. They are able to sign onto the platform and take a quiz – in their own language – to indicate their likes and dislikes, which allows them to be matched with a French student in the school who has applied and been selected to be involved in this programme.

The pair will attend fun workshops, including language and cultural exchanges with the other students involved in Réuni, Bordeaux.

The platform will include an interactive map of the school, their timetable, help with homework, useful contacts for healthcare and psychological l wellbeing and a chat device so that they can communicate with their buddy.

I have partnered with Isabelle Rigoni, who is a sociologist for the education and schooling of migrant students in France. She is personally and professionally interested in mentoring me through the project and says that “most schools accept migrant children, even when they have no sustainable system in place. The newcomers attend ‘ordinary classes’ with little language and end up completely isolated and turn against education”

I have also partnered with some other associations here in Bordeaux including Le Collectif de Migrants de Bordeaux. For the development of the platform I have chosen a mentor from my work who is a developer of digital design platforms and websites of a similar structure and kind.  In addition to this, today Stuart has kindly put me in contact with Ben Timney, who developed the University of Falmouth Canvas platform.

 Thank you  

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