MA Project GDE750 20/21

MA Project Week 8: Idea generation, preliminary and developmental work, iterative design solutions

Objectives for this post

  • Development and decision on a name for the project and how it could be branded
  • Presentation slide designs completed for panel presentation

Project Name

I really feel that if I am going to feel confident presenting this project, I need to come up with a name for the project. Below is a brainstorm of possible names. I decided that the name must fit into the following requirements:

  1. Must be gender natural in French. Meaning that it shouldn’t be feminine or masculine and this makes it appear like the project is design more for one gender than the other e.g. ami(e) must have a gender.
  2. It must be a name that can be pronounced internationally
  3. It must be short and easy to brand onto the website and on merchandise such as t-shirts, notepads etc.
  4. It must make sense in both French and English

I really like the nam RÉUNI as it means together or reunite in French. It sounds nice in both languages and is easy to say. The reason I would like my project to be called this is because I like the idea of the migrant or refugee students reuniting themselves with a culture, education, friends, support, happiness and laughter in their new life in Bordeaux. After the potentially traumatic journey they have in life so far, they are reuniting themselves with what it is to be a young person.

This name can be adapted to whatever city it is being used in e.g.

RÉUNI Bordeaux, RÉUNI Lyon, RÉUNI Calais, RÉUNI Barcelona, RÉUNI Rome etc.

It might also be possible to brand it to the school e.g. RÉUNI Collège Clisthène. I think I prefer the idea of branding it per city though as some school names are lengthy and this might not work well on the logo placement on the platform.

Colour Scheme

I feel that I am not ready to answer this question yet as I need to do more research into which colour scheme would be best for my target market. However, I want to make sure that I use colours that are happy, bright and again something that is not associated with a gender as I do not want anyone to feel excluded or uncomfortable using the platform. For the presentation I have just decided to use a fun navy blue, sunshine yellow, white and black. I will think in greater detail about the colour in the next section of the project development.

Design of Presentation Slides for Panel Review

What I wanted to get across in the presentation

It is of course impossible to get across all the research I have done in a presentation of 3 mins. I have had problems before with badly laid out, very wordy long presentations. I listened to the feedback I was given for this and I decided to really think carefully about how I could lay out the presentation in a way that just put the very key images on the slide and very few words. I then rehearsed the script I prepared for the the presentation so that most of it was talking and not reading on a screen. This allowed me to really explain the presentation in as much detail as possible

Why did I design the slides like this

I wanted the slides to seem light and positive with the use of positive colours. As the topic I have chosen is really quite challenging and heartbreaking in so many ways, I really wanted to show that my solution was light and positive and had the potential to really make a change.

Why I chose pictures that I did 

I think the images that I chose for the presentation highlight well the problem within my specifically locality and then draw back to show what a potential solution could look like. I felt more confident reading out most of the presentation and having the striking images speak for themselves to accentuate my speech.