MA Project GDE750 20/21

MA Project Week 8: Critical Reflections

How I felt the panel review went

I was very nervous before the panel review. This was due to many reasons but mainly because on my last University BA Degree course I had Avery bad experience with a panel review. I presented my final collection to a panel compiled of about 10 industry specialists and my tutors/course director. After I had presented, I realised quite quickly that their motive was not to support, encourage and give constructive feedback, but to insult, attack and humiliate me personally and my work. Tutors who had told me before the review that my project was good, started taring into it to try and show off in from of industry. After it was over, I broke down and felt betrayed, angry and devastated at the amount of work, time and money I had poured into the collection. Having this experience haunt me ever since, I wondered somewhere in the back of my mind, if this in fact was what a pen review was meant to be. Perhaps I would experience the same thing with the Falmouth Graphic Design Panel review. Thank fully I was greeted into the webinar by Susanna and a series of really nice, kind faces who listened intently to my presentation and then gave me wonderful feedback that left me feeling uplifted and really positive about my project. I could not be happier with how the presentation went and I am so so grateful for the fact that I got to be involved in this experience. Not just because it helped me to really find direction and new ideas for my Reuni project, but because it allowed me to wipe away the bad experience I had, put it into perspective and move on.

Feedback from panel review Summary

I have received feedback from both my peers and panelists. There is a summary of what I took away from all the feedback they gave me.

Summary of Presentation Feedback from the Panelists


Name good

Aims of project good: inclusivity, integration, friendship (buddy concept), including practical needs and mental health

Clear picture of Bordeaux contradictions (1st photo powerful)

Clear and to the point presentation

Positive to link up with Isabelle Rigoni

Nice site map

Areas for consideration / suggestions

  1. Look and feel of the project 
  • Positive and joyful
  • Simple and non-verbal (Duolingo)
  • Typefaces reflecting words and atmosphere

Maybe lines and a tree of pages would add to the next iteration?

2. Accessibility / Practicality

What tech are the children are likely to have access to enabling them to use the platform

Possibility of linking into existing Covid-19 systems of for homework, timetabling, e-learning?

3. Security / Permissions

  • how to safeguard system against e.g. bullying
  • bear in mind any no go areas for discussion

Settled / unsettled status (may impact on platform content)

Bear in mind GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation)

4. Co-design & testing

  • Need to engage others in the design of platform (content and usability): children, family members, health workers
  • Possibility of user testing

5. Name

How applicable will it be to other countries / languages further down the line?

6. Misc

Audio record sessions with mentor for research journal 

Ensure “reciprocal learning” – excellent term