Peer feedback

This week I have been so grateful for my peer support in terms of sharing their skill sets. I think that is what makes this course so valuable, we are all able to bring our own take on the design industry and learn from each other. I was so grateful to have been given helpful resources from the tutors as well as Anna R giving up her time to sit with me and talk through some InDesign functions that I had no idea existed.

My expression as a designer

Ever since I was a child, I have always adored designing and making things, I feel that in recent years, I have lost my true identity as a designer and the fact that I am not as strong as some of the other people on the course in terms of knowing the different design softwares, has left me feeling a bit lost as to what my design style is. Sometimes, I really know what I would like to produce, but I do not know how to produce it so I end up settling for another, more simple idea. I want to really push myself to discover how to produce the work that reflects me as a designer and tells the stories that I am trying to tell through my work.


I didn’t realise how passionate I was about the subject of Ethics. I think that it is so important to stand by the guidelines set in place and to be respectful and sensitive when bringing other people into your project no matter who they are. If someone agrees to help you or be in your project, then that person deserves consideration and care. I want to make sure I uphold everything I have learnt this week on the ethics front and will go out of my way to do so.

Another note on ethics, I need to research more closely a few different ethics models on how to integrate migrant or refugee children into the schooling system. This would be useful because it would allow me to really understand the different functionalities that would be useful on this platform I am developing.