This week was manly spent brining together all the information I have so far on my project and trying tom put it into a project brief. This took longer than I thought and I know that I will have to think carefully about the layout. I need to make sure that I work hard on my critical path layout and ethics review. I am already aware that my project will fall under the category of high risk when I do the ethics review because of the nature of the project. Working with vulnerable children.

I will need to spend a lot of week four looking into this and making sure I cover all elements of the ethics review before continuing with the project.

Tutorial with Stuart

It was very helpful to have a catch-up with Stuart and to discuss with him my project a little bit more. I talked to him about the layout of my project draft. I also talked to him about the fact that I was quite anxious going into my final major project. This was the project that I really messed up on my last BA degree course. I got totally lost and panicked and ended up producing an end result which I hate to this day. I am so determined that this will not happen again but it just means that I feel an extra layer of pressure surrounding the project, which I hope will dissipate as I start moving forward with this project and my confidence starts to grow. I also really believe strongly in this project and am determined to do the idea justice as I can feel that it has great potential.