MA Project GDE750 20/21

MA Project Week 2: Idea generation, preliminary and developmental work, iterative design solutions

My feedback from the webinar was to ‘get designing as soon as possible’, so this section will be all about developing the functionalities for my integration platform. I will have to think about the following areas:

Colour, User Experience, User Interface, Language translation, School interactive map, easy to use calendar with activities, matching questionnaire, buddy section (where they can interact).

After doing some more research, these might change.

I have contacted Le Collectif des Migrants de Bordeaux and
AIME – Accueil et Insertion des Migrants et des Exilés à l’université:


Je vous contacte parce que je suis un graphiste anglaise vivant à Bordeaux. En ce moment, je suis en train de réaliser mon projet de fin d’études pour mon master en graphisme. J’ai choisi de voir comment je peux aider à l’intégration des enfants réfugiés à l’école avec design ici à Bordeaux. Le projet consiste à trouver tout ce qui concerne la situation des réfugiés/migrants ici à Bordeaux. J’ai fait des recherches sur votre collectif et je sais que vous avez beaucoup aidé dans ce domaine. J’aimerais vous parler de votre expérience mais aussi éventuellement faire du bénévolat pour pouvoir aider de toutes les manières possibles. Êtes-vous disponible pour prendre un café avec moi ou pour m’appeler ? Je parle en français et en anglais.

Merci beaucoup par avance,


My responses

I had AIME get back to me first. They told me that they do not deal with migrant children in the age range that I am looking into (11-16) but mainly young adults or adults looking to further their education so that they can progress with their education so that they can find a good career in Bordeaux. They have agreed to talk to me anyway, so now I just have to structure my questions very carefully so that I can get some useful information out of their kind offer to talk to me. 

As the interview will be entirely in French, I have decided to email them the questions so that they have the option to respond via email. This way I can translate what they say word by word and I will not miss a thing. I worry if I had whole conversation with them that I would misunderstand something or not be able to write down fast enough, everything that they say. 

Le Collectif des Migrants de Bordeaux said that they do not have much time as they are already very short of volenteers to support them at the moment. They said that I could call them and have a conversation with them about my project in a few weeks time when things have calmed down a bit. We are having storms in Bordeaux at the moment and they are struggling to support the migrants living in camps in the bad weather conditions. 

My Friend Jehanne 

I wrote to my friend Jehanne as she is an active memeber of the community when it comes to helping and supporting migrant families within her sons school. The school have a charitable board that allows a select group of the parents to discuss the best way in which to support the more vulnerable children that attend the school. These include the migrant and refugee children and their families. The parents donate clothes, food and their time to helping the families provide a stable environment for the children at the school. Jehanne gives french lessons to a Syrian family that, is living in an illegal squat in the centre of Bordeaux. She is also helping the father get a job working in a garage until he gets his paperwork through so that he can apply for a job with an official contract (perminant/part-time etc.) 

Jehanne is a good friend of mine, and I know that she will help me with any questions I have.