MA Project GDE750 20/21

MA Project Week 11: Critical Reflections


It has been really interesting for me to look at the role of colour within UX and UI design. I realise that colour is just so crucial to how the user experiences the digital design platform. Using the wrong colour for my app could have a huge impact on the user experience and could potential create a negative user experience instead of a positive one. This takes into account not only the general emotions that we feel when we look at certain colours, but also people coming from different cultures. Some cultures see colours in different lights and this can vary dramatically.

I need to make sure I avoid colours that could potentially cause these kind of dramatic variations in user experiences due to culture. I have decided to try and use colours that are calming and fun globally. Colours that, in most cultures are experienced in a similar way.

This is because I will have a huge variety of cultures using my digital design platform. They are coming from all different parts of the globe and I want to guarantee that they do not experience any negative emotions whilst using my digital design platform. The platform is all about taking part in a fun and supportive program that will help the children feel comforted and welcome, colour has the power to send out a totally different message.

Funding Bodies

Even though it is quite early on in my project. Getting an idea of potential funding bodies for my project has been really helpful. It has allowed me to motivate myself to push forward with the project and haver an aim for who to contact. As my project grows and develops, these associations and funding bodies might not be as revenant depending on which direction my project takes, but I am really pleased that I took this time just to explore my options a bit and develop a sense of objective and direction at this stage of the project. I will keep looking for other potential funding opportunities throughout this project so that I can add to this list as I go along.