MA Project GDE750 20/21

MA Project Week 10: Idea generation, preliminary and developmental work, iterative design solutions

Process Diagram Further Development – Administration Side

Questionnaire Results

The questionnaire that I send out my user audience has come back and I have received the results. There were 9 children within the age range that I am looking at 11-16 years old. As I mentioned before, I gave the questionnaires to Cécile Prévost who is in charge of helping rehabilitate refugee and migrant children when they arrive in Bordeaux. She kindly handed out my questionnaire to these children. She said that she didn’t have to help them much with it because of the pictures but she was there in case they had any questions about the questionnaire.

The questionnaire was done completely anonymously. Here are the results I received.

Questionnaire Results – User Driven Design

These results are really great primary research that I can continue to refer back to when designing my platform. I am going to be able to understand much better exactly what my target audience is searching for with my platform. Now I will be able to design from the user’s point of view instead of guessing what I think will work. I now have a reasonable idea of the user’s emotional state of mind, their competence with a computer, which features they think would be helpful and their language level. This is valuable information that I can now use to drive my design.

User Stories

Now that I have mapped out what I think the user process diagram will look like for both the administrators e.g. the teachers and program leaders, and the users e.g. the French students and newcomers joining the school. I would now like to move on to write up the user stories that I have managed to develop through the questionnaires and primary and secondary market research I have developed.

User story One: Administrator – program leader or teacher

I am a teacher within the school who has volunteered and been accepted onto the Réuni Bordeaux programme to help integrate none French-speaking children into our school. I will need to be able to add school events onto the platform easily, contract students directly, edit school timetables if there are changes in timings or classrooms and if I get stuck, I would like to be able to contact Réuni quickly and easily so that I can fix the problem. I also need to make sure that the data that the children upload is completely safe and protected on the platform. Finally, I want to have access to the information of the students so that I can add, edit and delete students information when I need to. The platform needs to be user friendly and clear but most of all it need to be a functional tool that we can use to monitor and edit the information transmitted to the students.

User Story Two: French student aged between 11-16 years old

I am a French student aged 14 who has been selected to be involved in the Réuni program. I would like to be able to log onto the Réuni platform easily and navigate through the website without feeling confused. I have a high level of ability with computers already so provided the layout is not too unusual, I should be able to use the platform. I would like to be kept up to date with all the activities that go on with the Réuni program. I need to know where they are and what time. I need to make sure that I can contact my buddy directly to make sure they are not lost or in need of help. I would like the platform to be fun and personalised to me, with a fun avatar that I can create as my persona and events relevant to my hobbies. I do not want information directed at me that is not relevant to me. My level of French (written and spoken) is strong however, to hold my attention, I prefer interactive and image driven platforms as this is what I am exposed to through gaming consoles and social media.

User Story Three: Non French newcomer student aged between 11-16

I am 14 years old and I am entering the school as a new student. I have all the emotions of someone walking into a new environment e.g. fright, confusion, shyness, wariness and under confidence. On top of this, I have a significant language barrier and I have grown up in a completely different culture. My family and I have been through trauma in our home country and an equal level of stress on our long journey to reach France. My family has finally settled in Bordeaux and I am beginning the integration process into school and society. I need the platform to be easy to use and picture driven. I can speak French but my reading is not great yet and so I would like to be able to translate the text into my own language when I need to. I want to refer to a school map from time to time when I am not sure where my classrooms are and I would like to be able to contact my buddy if I have any questions or I would like to arrange a meeting. I would also like to be able to contact the teacher on the program and someone who can support my psychological wellbeing as well. I would like to know about Réuni events a few weeks before they happen so that I can make sure I can attend and prepare if necessary. I do not want any surprises, I would like everything to be clear and easy to use as my computer ability is limited. I have more experience on a smartphone.