MA Project GDE750 20/21

MA Project Week 10: Critical Reflections

This week I have made some really good progress with developing my user process diagrams, my user stories and beginning the development of what my platform will look like.

User process diagrams

I have been able to think carefully about how the user process diagrams might be. These are just first drafts and as I develop the design of my platform, I will evolve and develop the user process. It will be interesting to see how much these will evolve and adapt as the design process moves on.

User stories

Having received the results of my questionnaire that I sent out a few weeks ago, I was able to really analyse the results and bring my primary market research directly into the design process. I now feel that all three of my users have a voice and I am able to feed those voices directly into my project.

Initial design development

I think that the initial design research and how I will develop my platform has gone quite well. I realise I have a long way to go but having thought a lot about this stage since the beginning of the project, I have found that it has already evolved a lot in my head. the next stage for this project will be really getting my platform design development down on paper and visualising the outcome.


This week, I asked Tony what his advice was in terms of how to visualise the website. This was something that has been worrying me as I do not have much knowledge or skill with UX/UI Softwares and for this project, I will not have time to learn an additional software well enough to produce a really professional result. I know that Tony has some experience in this area form seeing previous projects that he has worked on in the MA. He told me that what he did was he used photoshop mainly to produce his mockup. He bought a pack of UI buttons off the internet and then used photoshop, illustrator and a bit of XD to really bring everything together. This was a relief to hear as his work looked so professional and I thought that he knew a super new software that I would have to try and learn. Knowing this, I think I will be able to create a mockup of my platform using these softwares and sections of websites and mockups that I find on the internet.

Next week

Next week I am going to be developing the wireframes for my site and looking into putting together my critical report draft structure. I also want to look at possible funding bodies for this project.