MA Project Week 4: Critical Reflections

Peer feedback This week I have been so grateful for my peer support in terms of sharing their skill sets. I think that is what makes this course so valuable, we are all able to bring our own take on the design industry and learn from each other. I was so grateful to have been […]

MA Project Week 4: Research & Learnings

Detailed research into ethical elements surrounding my project. Research and learnings  This week I really wanted to extensively look into the ethical side of this project. This is because I know that I will be working with vulnerable children.  I filled out the ethics form and questionnaire provided by Falmouth, but I also wanted to […]

MA Project Week 3: Critical Reflections

This week was manly spent brining together all the information I have so far on my project and trying tom put it into a project brief. This took longer than I thought and I know that I will have to think carefully about the layout. I need to make sure that I work hard on […]

MA Project Week 3: Idea generation, preliminary and developmental work, iterative design solutions

Weekly Targets This week I would like to achieve the following: Work on my project draft and critical path Look into the functionalities of the platform Think about the design aspects of the platform Project Draft Research Examples IndustryPractitioners  Annie Moore’s refugee matching algorithm, which helps place refugees in the cities where they are most […]